Epic dose of energy for true connoisseurs

Intense, smoky, dusty, slightly astringent, clearly bitter, strongly stimulating, rich in natural caffeine, high quality, efficient. El Fuego is a proposition for true connoisseurs and hard characters – lovers of complex and sophisticated yerba mate, who are not afraid of challenges and the taste of real Paraguayan yerba mate.

El Fuego, meaning fire. A pure, irrepressible element. A primordial force, a mystery and a gift from the gods. This is the key word that fully reflects the character of yerba mate. Distinct, like a glowing flame, warming and stimulating the body and mind, just like the warmth of a fire, smelling of smoke straight from a bonfire burning in a wild forest.

The best place ever

El Fuego is the quintessence of Paraguayan tradition. It is a yerba mate for real hardcore drinkers and connoisseurs of authentic taste. Carefully selected Ilex paraguariensis leaves from a prestigious plantation located in Paraguay and the traditional fire-drying process make this an excellent yerba mate with an intense flavour and high natural caffeine content.

Try it and feel the power of fire! El Fuego is the quintessence of the best in Paraguayan yerba mate:


Dried using the traditional barbacuá method – in flames. Smoked with hot wood smoke.


Smoky, intense and bitter. A real Paraguayan yerba mate, produced according to a tradition developed over the years.


uża ilość kofeiny zawartej w ostrokrzewie paragwajskim dodaje energii do działania. / El Fuego is one of the strongest stimulating yerba mates on the market. The high amount of caffeine contained in Ilex paraguariensis gives you plenty of energy and motivation.


Each packet contains only the best, selected leaves of Ilex paraguariensis. Without unnecessary additives and flavours. Nature itself.

- yerba mate El Fuego

How do customers rate El Fuego?

"I've been drinking yerba mate for many years. I know probably all the brands available and there was always something missing... El Fuego has just that "something". The power that you feel with every sip."
Opinion #1
" I love strong, smoky, bitter yerba mate. I've tried many kinds and I admit that El Fuego comes out the best among the true Paraguayan yerba mates!"
Opinion #2
"A really great yerba mate. I have never felt so healthily stimulated after any of them as after El Fuego!"
Opinion #3

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